Needed for the overall organisation

Note: Most of these positions can be filled by people who are abroad. If you are overseas kindly consider helping us especially if you are efficient with using online tools and facilities. All these posts are presently voluntary positions. As a Christian organisation it is required that applicants be born again believers in Christ. We may require a character reference from your pastor or Spiritual mentor.

We need published, experienced writers to help train and lead writers groups. Apply

If you are fluent in another language especially if it is one of the main languages spoken around the world kindly consider translating our material so people of your language can benefit. Apply

An Illustrator: 
If you are a great illustrator we would like your help in doing illustrations for our books etc. Apply

Project manager:
We have a number of key projects going at any one time and need people who are good team leaders and project managers to oversee these projects and ensure that goals are met within time and with a very high standard. Apply

Promotions Manager:
Organise, plan and execute UIC related events. Also responsible to manage follow up after such events. Apply

Company secretary or lawyer: 
This person will ensure that all our activities and ventures are legal and within government guidelines, and prepare for submission all related documents needed on a timely basis. Apply

May be required to be present at different committee meetings to record minutes etc. Manage Office, do basic accounting, make and receive calls, send and receive e-mails, type letters etc. Manage dispatching and distribution of letters and flyers etc. Apply

Web administrator: 
Manage web content. This person will be responsible for where, when and what content will go online. Apply

Web master: 
This person will be responsible for the development and proper functioning of the web site and its varying components such as video clips, a chat room, a forum and required server side programming for membership forms etc. Apply

Public relations officers: 
This person will be responsible for creating content for PR material and for designing a strategy that will get UIC into the public domain and with the correct image. Apply


Needed for SHARE Magazine

Produce biblically accurate and time relevant articles for the magazine. Learn more | Apply

Write and source Articles on Christian related issues locally, nationally or internationally and help to train others to do the same. Apply

Assistant Editor/proof reader: 
Proof read and edit all text content for both electronic and printed media. Position filled.

Graphic designer: 
Responsible for designing all our PR material (stationary, flyers, banners, news paper adverts etc.) Work along with our web master to determine website design and layout. Apply


Needed for Open School of the Bible

This person will join the quality department that is responsible for checking that tutor prepared lessons are up to standard to deliver the best experience for our learners. Apply

Contact us if you wish to enquire more about the above mentioned posts or wherever else you may think you could be of help.